Nearly 5% of the US population suffers from depression or anxiety.





...A Social Worker was once seen as little more than a caring matron helping the homeless or a sinister uncaring government agent snatching little children away from their loving families.  Today, social work is a vibrant profession filled with men and women of all ages helping others in many different ways. How social workers go about getting the job done sometimes means using clinical social work interventions to help someone with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or stress.  Other times it means using environmental interventions to help others stop foreclosures, get access to food, housing, employment, SAFETY, etc..   Be it through one-on-one clinical social work treatment or leading a large human service agency, or even using the internet to provide online training in the fundamental clinical assessment tool the GAF or Global Assessment of Functioning Scale, a social workers' goal is to help.

Social Workers tackle the "bad" along with the good in an effort to find the most workable solution to the task at hand.  Clinical social workers know that they can never erase the horror of some trauma   people have endured but they know they can help them  learn to cope with tremendously difficult life experience as well as the ever present daily stresses of life.  Social service managers know that bills have to be paid even with ongoing needs of the people they seek to help.  Making difficult decisions is a common practice throughout the field of social work.  In part because they take a "big picture" approach, they are often able to bring in resources which would have otherwise been overlooked.  

What might not at first seem related to social work might in fact be just so.  For example: Take Eczema.  While this at first seems to be a purely medical issue, for those that suffer from eczema, it can lead to severe psychological distress or even depression.


 Mental Health, Substance Abuse or Developmental Disabilities (Mental Retardation) issues effect many people. Some of them get to the point where Anxiety,  Panic Attacks, Phobias, OCDDepression, STRESS or some other issue is robbing their quality of life.  Some search for and find effective treatments and resources, while others continue to suffer.  Hopefully you'll be able to find some helpful information or resource included in the following:








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